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Web Fares is a program that uses technology by Fare Chase to help us quickly find airfares only available on the internet. It saves travelers time as it searches multiple airline websites for us. It also saves you, the employer, money, because employees no longer have to spend valuable time searching for airfares, making them more productive.


We have chosen SABRE computer reservations systems to handle your company's travel needs. SABRE is the largest reservation system in the world, and because of that, it leads the industry with cutting edge technology and continual development of innovative products and services. We offer over 400 airlines, 63,000 hotel properties, and 32 car rental companies.

SABRE is also the only reservations system to offer booking and ticketing capabilities with Southwest Airlines.


Specific criteria provided by you allows our reservation system to search alternative airlines, airports, time of day, and inventory to provide up to 19 lower fare options on domestic itineraries.


Faster and easier to use, our online booking solution, RESX, is a revolutionary platform designed to meet a variety of business needs.  While companies large and small realize significant cost savings through reduced ticket prices, increased use of preferred vendors, and greater policy enforcement at the point of sale, travelers enjoy more control over preferences and travel options.  

Demo Site Information

We have a demo site to take a look at RESX from the traveler's perspective.  Please note the following instructions:

To access, please enter in a new window of your Internet browser.
Enter testcompany in the company field and selfenrolltest in the member ID field.  Leave the password field blank and click the black login button.  You will be prompted to create your own Member id and password.  
This will provide you with an opportunity to see how the tool operates from a traveler's perspective.
Please note: do not purchase/reserve any reservations within the trainingsite or testcompany site


In today's world, information is more valuable than ever. With our reporting, travel managers responsible for monitoring and controlling travel and entertainment costs have easy access to travel data as well as customized travel management reports.

The Travel Business, Inc. has superior software tied to your account’s reservations that will efficiently and effectively capture the pertinent data necessary for tracking, trending, identifying savings, and calculating spend. Your accounting department will have over 100 different types of reports at their disposal. Reporting can be customized to your needs including division and departmental reporting. Reports are availaible at your request and free of charge.

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