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The Travel Business, Inc. is adamant about accuracy, attention to detail, and sheer efficiency. As a result we have implemented Cornerstone – a fully automated quality control system. We use a suite of modules that automates the processing and auditing of all aspects of travel management including: 150 pre-ticketing quality control checks for reservation integrity and written travel policy compliance; unused e-ticket usage tracking; preferred vendor agreements; and traveler preferences which include waitlist clearance, preferred seat assignments, and automatic frequent flyer upgrades at the exact applicable time.


Accesses the reservation system for up-to-the-second pricing for decreases for ticketed reservations up until the time of travel. Reservations with re-pricing opportunities are noted and returned for re-booking/ticketing. Reservations are rechecked daily up to the time of departure, ensuring the traveler the lowest possible fare at time of travel and within your company travel policy.


Reservations are audited for substitute routings and carriers that yield savings and occur within defined parameters, such as total travel  time and connection times. By continually conducting hard-to-find routing searches, Routing Checker frees our agents to focus on service for you, the customer.


Secures preferred seating on domestic and international airlines using live seat maps, when available. Seat requests can be made for aisles, windows, right or left side of plane, priority (frequent flyer memberships), front and back of plane, bulkhead and aisles across. If we are unable to assign the seats at time of booking, the seats will be monitored up until the time of check-in.


Automates the process of securing either preferred or waitlist segments by continually accessing our computer reservation system looking for cancellations, open waitlists, or the release of inventory by the carrier. If a waitlist check identifies availability, the booking is made and communicated back to our agents.


Automates the securing of frequent flyer upgrades based on the traveler's program status by continually working to upgrade travelers to their preferred class at the required time before departure, regardless of the time of day and day of week.

  • Lowest fare checker
  • Last seat availability

  • Automatic upgrade feature

  • Vendor compliance checks

  • Unused ticket coupon checks up to 2 days after last ticketed travel date

  • Client Travel Policy checks



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